Month: October 2014

When Universities Fail to Act

In recent months, universities across the United States have come into the spotlight for their collective failure to address rampant cases of on-campus sexual assault. What’s most shocking about these cases is that the institutions with the most prestigious international reputations are also the ones failing to take a strong stance against sexual assault.

When Cosmetic Products Can Harm Your Skin

The connotation of cosmetics being a tool only for feminine vanity is a modern invention. Using substances to change our appearance traces back beyond the Ancient Egyptians. Research into evolutionary psychology has shown that back in our primal days, physical “beauty” was an important factor in determining whether or not an individual was a good candidate for mating. Yes. Mating. Smooth skin, red lips, pleasant body odor, etc. were indicators of health, genetic advantages, and fertility. Think of it this way:

Student Favorites of Amman’s Dining Scene

For those visiting Amman for the first time, finding the perfect places to eat out can be a bit tiresome. While the city is packed with fabulous eateries, it takes a bit of ‘trial-and-error’ for a person to learn where to go. To make life easier, The Rexonian presents to you the top five restaurants in Amman, according to a student survey conducted this year.