Equal Rights for All

Feminism, contrary to popular belief, is actually just a movement trying to bring about equality between women and men. It’s that simple.

To answer your questions: no, you do not have to be a lesbian or hippie to be a feminist. You just have to believe in the fundamental value of equality.

You don’t have to go around attacking men for being men. You just have to believe in basic human rights—in things like education, suffrage, and equal pay.

Feminism is about having equality between women and men. It’s about ending blame against victims of rape and sexual assault. Its main goals are to end sexism and misogyny in the world. Women shouldn’t have to endure harassment because “boys will be boys.” Stop using this phrase! One’s gender is not an excuse for sexual assault and misogyny. The use of the phrase ‘boys will be boys’ is a blatant excuse for sexism—nothing less. It’s the equivalent of using the phrase “terrorists will be terrorists” in response to the mass destruction of human life.
While one typically associates the antifeminist movement with men, there is actually a large group of women who don’t believe in feminism. Such women claim that “they don’t need feminism” because they have never experienced oppression, been sexually assaulted, or been subject to any form of gender inequality.

To these women, I can only say the following: just because you’ve led a life of privilege and equal treatment does not mean that every woman on the planet has. Just because you’ve never been sexually assaulted doesn’t mean that no woman has been sexually assaulted. Consider that beyond your world exist millions of women very unlike yourself, who haven’t been subject to the same world of freedom as you.

The next time you think the world doesn’t need feminism, take a moment to reconsider your thoughts. Remove the privilege helmet from your head and remember that women’s rights are still global issues that need to be addressed.

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