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We live in a world full of strange things, but have you ever heard or read of something that changed your perspective of the world?

Every day, the Holy Quran proves its greatness and scientific accuracy, which has existed for fourteen centuries.

You may be asking yourself what I’m talking about—so let me tell you!

There is a miracle in the Holy Quran, in which the word “sea” is mentioned in this book thirty-two times, representing the water on earth. And the word “land” which represents the land on Earth is mentioned thirteen times—so here is where it gets interesting!

If we take the sum of the words, we will get 45, and by doing a simple equation to show the percentage of water and land on Earth in comparison with the words in the Holy Quran and their sum, we will need to take the sum, divide it by number of each word and multiply that by 100:

(45÷32)×100 = 71.1̅%
(45÷13)×100 = 28.8̅%

So now I want you to get the sum of these results after rounding.

Indeed, not only will you get  100%, but those results equal the proportion of water to land covering the Earth’s surface: 71:29!

That’s what scholars have discovered during their adventures of exploring the marvels in the Holy Quran.

What is your opinion?

We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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