Round Square Comes to Jordan

As King’s Academy students pack their bags for the Eid break, students around the world pack theirs in preparation for the 2014 Round Square International Conference. Starting October 7, two years of preparation will finally pay off as King’s Academy opens its gates to hundreds of students and teachers from over 50 schools all across the globe.

In October of 2013, the King’s Academy delegation, alongside The Sanskar Valley School, received the conference banner during the closing ceremony of the International Conference in Florida. This year, a delegation makes its way to the first half of the conference in Bhopal, India, to receive the banner and bring it back to Jordan in time for the opening ceremony of the second half of the conference.

For the past two years, students have been stepping up to take on various positions in this upcoming conference, from leading barazzas and running activities to welcoming and thanking guest speakers, all while focusing on building the conference’s theme of Peace. The barazza discussions, for which students have trained and practiced, will revolve around this concept of peace. The guest speakers will come from multiple areas within the region, including Afghanistan, Palestine, and Syria, to explore this topic. The service projects will take the delegates to multiple nearby locales, and will range from Habitat for Humanity builds to helping at orphanages to cleaning up neighborhoods. Alongside these service projects, there is, of course, the adventure aspect of the conference, in which delegates will be taken to Petra, Shobak Castle, and other key sites in Jordan.

With the conference just around the corner, students have been busy during the major and minor co-curriculars, ensuring that every aspect of the conference has been prepared. From organizing service projects and entertainment to preparing speeches and announcements, the students have shown nothing but hard work and dedication, and rightfully so. King’s Academy’s Director of the Round Square Program, Tessa Fairbairn, stressed the importance of this conference multiple times during steering committee meetings, reminding them that such an event may not occur in this region for another 50 years.

Holding the Round Square International Conference here in Jordan is indeed a crucial event in the peace process. The aim of this rare event is to reshape the misperceptions of the region created by today’s mainstream media. With the conference only a week away, the students must now make that goal a reality.

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