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King’s Academy Key Club

Are you interested in any kind of community service? If so, you might be interested in Key Club, since it does just that. This club aims to do community service of every kind, with students planning every part of the project in any way they wish. If you have a great idea, all the resources and the 50 members of the club are there to help make it work! Internationally, Key Club is part of the world’s largest student-led community service initiative, with more than 5000 clubs and 300,000 students involved; KA Key Club became the first one in the Middle East region when it was initiated last year. The club is currently doing monthly projects with the local Al Aqsa Orphanage, and the Maliki-SCM Children’s Center for Syrian children. On September 27th, forty kids from orphanage and the children’s center were brought to campus for the fifth time for a session of soccer, music, arts, and water rockets. The Palestinian refugee camp in Ruwwad is the next destination for Key Club, but many other projects are also being planned, including a charity fashion show and food festivals! If you are interested in completely student-led community service, join them by emailing

Model United Nations

The Model United Nations Club is one of the largest and longest-lasting clubs in King’s Academy. MUN strives to replicate the discussion and debate in the forums of the United Nations and allow students to discuss global issues in a formal setting. Having been initiated in 2009, the King’s Academy MUN Club, which meets every major co-curricular period, engages in mock debates, research, and delegate training to prepare for major MUN conferences happening in around the region. On the weekend of the 25th of September, twenty students from King’s represented the school as delegates in the local New English School MUN (NESMUN), with several delegates receiving awards during the conference. King’s will be participating in various international and local conferences in the region this year, in addition to holding KAMUN, one of the largest conferences in Jordan. Another integral part of the MUN program is the Jordanian Model Parliament, which takes part in debate in Arabic on topics relevant to Jordan and the Middle Eastern region. This initiative aims to bring formal Arabic debate to all students around Jordan from both private and public schools. If you are interested in world issues or just debating in general, join the MUN co-curricular program!

Evening Debate

Debate is intellectual combat. It’s organized arguing. A formalized form of discussion, debate is one of the most intense and exciting activities offered at King’s. Having begun last year, Evening Debate Club is for people who simply enjoy debating and public speaking. The club meets every other Tuesday from 6:30 to 7:30, and hosts debates in various formats, with a faculty member deliberating. We discuss topics ranging from school policies to current events, from religion to drones. There’s no lectures about debate tactics or rules, you just arrive and begin debating! If you enjoy debating but can’t find time during the day, be on the lookout for one of our announcements during school meeting.

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