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Student Favorites of Amman’s Dining Scene

For those visiting Amman for the first time, finding the perfect places to eat out can be a bit tiresome. While the city is packed with fabulous eateries, it takes a bit of ‘trial-and-error’ for a person to learn where to go. To make life easier, The Rexonian presents to you the top five restaurants in Amman, according to a student survey conducted this year.

Not surprisingly, the restaurant with the highest number votes is Yoshi, Amman’s little haven of Japanese cuisine. Best known for its extraordinary food and service, Yoshi is also well known for its incredible atmosphere. This is a great restaurant for families and small groups of friends. Though some label it as “a tad overpriced,” the food is worth every penny.

Students also selected Vinaigrette as one of Amman’s top restaurants. Located at the top of the Al Qasr Metropole Hotel, its marvelous view and casual atmosphere make it a family friendly restaurant. Outdoor seating and the astonishing view of Amman give the restaurant a romantic atmosphere. The cuisine is a Japanese–international fusion, but serves all types of pastas, meats, and sushi.

Centro Brasserie is an astonishingly good restaurant for small groups of friends. Under the guidance of its chef, the restaurant has become known throughout the city for its marvelous Italian cuisine. The restaurant has a smart-casual type of atmosphere and is usually not too loud. The restaurant has average pricing and is mostly known for its great service and welcoming wait-staff.

Houston’s Restaurant is a well-known restaurant for families with children. It has a variety of American and Mexican dishes such as burgers, buffalo wings, and fajitas. This restaurant also has a convenient delivery service around Amman. It is not too expensive and delivery does not cost too much. The atmosphere is loud and extremely casual. Service is as good as it gets, although it might be a little slow during peak hours. This is the type of restaurant where you would want to make reservations. Chances are there will be a long queue at the door.
Lastly, hitting a bit closer to home, Sufra is a typical Jordanian restaurant. According to many students, its food rivals that of traditional home-cooked meals, and faculty are quite fond of it too—Ms. Monica Matouk counts Sufra among her favorite restaurants in Amman, so it’ll be sure to please parents and friends alike. This restaurant is very casual and has low prices. All Jordanian dishes are served including fatta, saj, kofta, and mansaf. Service is fast and the waiters are always at your service. The cuisine is a Mediterranean-Arab fusion and it is a must try for all visitors to Amman.

Yoshi 06 464 0903
Jabal Amman
Vinaigrette 06 562 0528
Centro Brasserie  06 464 1020
Jabal Amman
Houston’s 07 7554 4000
Sufra 06 461 1469
Rainbow Street

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