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Swim Team Prepares for METS

Swimming is a sport that has a long history. The Ancient Egyptians have the first record of swimming in 2500 BCE. Swimming was an official army training institution in Ancient Rome and Greece. It was an efficient way of blindsiding enemies in that era. By the first century BCE, there were so many people swimming in Far East Asia that there were swimming competitions in Japan. In 1837, the first swimming association was made in London. Nine years later, in 1846, the first swimming global competition was held in Australia. Swimming became an Olympic sport in 1896, and F.I.N.A is the official swimming institution of today. Freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly are the four swimming strokes that athletes compete in at the Olympics and World Championships.

Swimming benefits the body greatly because it uses all of the body’s muscles. This aerobic exercise requires a constant supply of oxygen to the muscles, which further burns fat. Swimming is also believed to reduce the harmful effects of stress. This awesome exercise is offered by King’s Academy swimming program.

The METS (Middle East Triangle Sports) Swim meet will be held on November 14th and 15th at King’s Academy. Students from various schools will be participating in this large-scale competition. The METS Swim meet is the school’s biggest swimming competition, and will be held at King’s Academy. Therefore, swimmers and the coaches are passionately training for the tournament for great results.

Boys and girls are participating in this swim meet, and the divisions within ages are Under-12, U-14, U-16 and U-18. The competition will adhere to the F.I.N.A’s latest rules regarding disqualifications. Four main strokes, like in the Olympics, will be competed in 25m long pools, which have five lanes for five swimmers.

Mr. Tom, one of the coaches for King’s Academy’s swim team, hopes to represent King’s Academy well. The chemistry teacher commented, “We have many King’s students who have trained for several hours a week (including [this reporter]) and are becoming seasoned swimmers. They can do all four strokes and are building up an impressive level of endurance ability. I want to see every one of my swimmers trying as hard as they can to swim fast and with good technique, something I know they can do well.” He hoped for positive results in the competition, but he also emphasized that enjoying and taking pride in their effort at the METS Swim Meet is the most important part of the competition. He expressed his hopes for the future of King’s swimming, stating, “We don’t have too much of a history of competitive swimming at King’s, but the swimmers this year can take a big step towards changing that. We can change the culture of King’s and I hope we can take a big step in that direction during the swim meet.”
Tala Habbab, King’s Academy’s female swimmer extraordinare, was very excited with the competition. She said, “I am really looking forward to the first swim meet of the year. This just might be the biggest swim meet ever held at King’s Academy, so I’m excited to participate with my fellow teammates. We’ve been practicing very hard, and I’m very proud of my teammates!” She added, “Thank you Ms. Cornelia, Mr. Tom, and Ms. Ghada!” to acknowledge the immense efforts the coaches have taken in preparing for this upcoming competition.

With one week left, every swimmer and coach is preparing particularly hard for the tournament, and they will continue to train enthusiastically during the remaining weeks. Don’t forget to encourage the swimmers and come support them next weekend.

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