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‘An Invitation to Change Everything’

These people were tired of waiting for the world to take action, so they decided to do the job themselves. On the 21st of September, 311,000 people left their homes, drew out their banners, and flaunted their determination in the streets of New York City. From New York to over 150 countries all over the world, hundreds of thousands gathered on this memorable day to take a stand for the future of our planet, protesting at the top of their lungs: this is the People’s Climate March.

We can no longer deny that our world is developing and changing year by year; however, along with positive developments come the negative consequences. These threats are real, and they have already begun to make their way into our lives. From glacial retreats to ocean acidification and even extreme events as severe as tornadoes and hurricanes, the evidence is all around us, and there will never be a better time for us to act than now.

Jordan is not the third or fourth poorest country in water; as of a few weeks ago, it is the second. Our water supply is 88% below the international water poverty line, and the growing population has led to a 40% increase in demand in the north, 10% in the south, and more than 21% in the Kingdom’s average water demand. These numbers will keep increasing, and the impacts of climate change only make matters worse with shifting rainfall patterns and a smaller amount of freshwater for the population.

Not only does climate change involve our water supply, but it also affects our crops, energy, atmosphere, and just about our entire lifestyle. It’s about time we start realizing this and taking responsibility, because it isn’t too late just yet. We can help prevent these issues from progressing by taking small steps every day. Instead of fifteen-minute showers, limit that time to seven. Switch your light bulbs to LED bulbs that use up less electricity and even have a longer life span than other bulbs.

Always remember to reduce, reuse, and recycle. There are various easy and creative ways to do all of this: collect your recyclables every few weeks and take them to a recycling center; install water tanks to collect rain water; print double sided papers; reuse and recycle your plastic bags, or even grow plants that don’t require a lot of water, such as thyme. You can even come up with your own ideas to help out, and never forget the most important part: spread the word. The more people involved, the closer we are to reaching our goal. No longer do we have to wait for a better tomorrow if we start today.

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