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Life as a Frosh

I would like to begin by saying that the freshmen experience is different for each person. It depends on your outlook, personality and maybe some luck! But all freshmen will face common issues.

One common issue is living away from home. It may affect a student’s performance at King’s Academy. It’s a normal occurrence for the first months or even first year of school! It’s not an easy step for a student, but you have to work hard and bear the difficulties to reach the next phase of your life.

A freshman’s diet can also be an issue during their first few months at King’s. Without having parents around to monitor what you eat, your diet can either become more or less healthy. This usually depends on the student’s diet before he or she came to King’s Academy. Although the school offers a variety of choices including chicken, beef, lamb, vegetables, and fruits, the student has to choose well so that they have a balance diet.

Tardy! Tardy! And tardy! Time management is a really hard challenge for freshman because our school has a highly organized system for students, the purpose of this being to manage the student’s time.

The issue that is the most common one is life in the dorm. Although freshmen find dorm life difficult and hard for them because they experience homesickness, they actually have a new family. All of the students in the dorm are their big family!

Although all of these issues and challenges will disappear in a short time, they’re actually good for us because we learn so many useful things from them that will better us in the end.

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