Ronaldo D’Or

Cristiano Ronaldo, 29, will be contending for the highly prestigious 2014 Ballon d’Or at the beginning of next year. Although the award show is still a few months away, many speculate that his fine form will win him the legendary award for two consecutive years. He has contributed vastly in obtaining the La Decima title for his Club, Real Madrid. Ronaldo was also devoted to the success of Portugal’s National Team, but had to watch Portugal be disqualified at the group stages in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. He was always determined to bring positive results to his national team, but one man can’t bring success to a team alone. In spite of Portugal’s loss, Ronaldo has excelled in his club and proved himself the most dangerous footballer on the planet in Spain and Europe’s top tier teams.

By the end of last season, he had won two trophies: the long awaited Champions league with the Copa Del Rey. Despite a glamorous end to the campaign last season with ‘Los Blancos’, Ronaldo’s fitness worsened. He had constant subtle injuries and sharp pains, which deteriorated his optimal health. Eventually he bounced back and regained his top shape.

Throughout this season, Cristiano has been in astounding condition. He blasted fifteen goals in only seven league games and two goals in two Champions League games. He has scored more goals than any other player in Europe’s top five leagues. He has scored against every team he faced so far in this season. Dubbed a ‘goal machine’ by many fans, Ronaldo is always hungry to score more and more goals even if the game is already virtually won. Although he is inclined to finish off the goals himself, Ronaldo has maintained the respect of his teammates.

Being Europe’s top goal scorer, Ronaldo has helped to make Real Madrid the deadliest team in La Liga, as the Spanish club holds the highest number of goals in the league. In the summer, he also won one of Europe’s finest and most prestigious individual awards, the European Player of the Year Award. If he continues his positive trend, there will be no doubt that he will be the highest contender for the Ballon d’Or.

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