Freshmen, Murzim Take Spirit Week Trophies


After the boys of Sulafat defied the odds to prevail in the Fifth Annual Madaba Games earlier this year, the girls of Murzim went on to take home the (figurative) trophies for Least Tardy Dorm and Best Overall Lip-Sync in the 2014 Spirit Week competition.  The class of 2018 as a whole again proved that they are a force to be reckoned with, as the Least Tardy Class and the owners of the best collective Class Mind.

All four days of Spirit Week were a resounding success, thanks in no small part to the efforts of Spirit Week Czars Ms. Meg O’Hare, Mr. Alex Funnel, Ms. Joanna Tutinji, and Mr. Adam Kydd.  From the top-notch twin costumes on Sunday (highlighted by a Hollywood-worthy stunt routine along the catwalk by Best Overall Twins Pengfei Hu and Mr. Ben Watsky as The Matrix’s Mr. Anderson and Neo) to the Awards Dinner on Wednesday evening hosted by MC Ms. Meghan Metzger, the participation was   remarkable and the spirit in the air was palpable.

Monday featured the sophomores’ prizewinning Class Dance, with the freshmen finishing in a close second. But the best was yet to come, for after Meissa triumphed in the Egg Race on Tuesday, students and faculty alike headed to the auditorium for the long-awaited House Lip-Sync Competition.

The overall quality of the lip-sync performances was excellent, from Atair’s near-flawless choreography in the opening number to Nihal’s epic take on the hero’s journey to close out the show. Unfortunately for the Atarians, dance was not weighted heavily on the judges’ rubric; unfortunately for the Nihalists, a puppy on-stage did not guarantee  first place. Although Alnilam took the prize for best outfits, it was Murzim who the judges deemed to have best combined the art of lip-sync with a cohesive story, featuring a breakout performance from  Yuxuan Cao who starred in a Leading Role as the Protective Father.

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