Month: February 2015

The Year in Film

Whiplash An experience defined by spine-shivering menace, rapid heartbeat, and sheer entertainment, Whiplash is a state-of-the-art film directed beautifully by Damien Chazelle. It also includes a stellar performance by Miles Teller.

Socceroos Keep Asian Cup in Australia

The first major international soccer competition of this year, the 16th Asian Cup, was, for the first time, held on Australian soil. Among the 10 Arab countries that participated, United Arab Emirates achieved the best results, winning 3rd place over Iraq. Australia, the host, won the Cup while South Korea was the runner-up.

Boko Haram Wreaks Havoc in West Africa

Boko Haram was established by radical Salafist Muslim, Mohammed Yusuf, who believed that following Western customs, both legal and societal, was against the teachings of Islam. He sought the liberation of Nigeria and the establishment of “The Islamic State of Nigeria.” To deliver his message, Mr. Yusuf started a school and a mosque that would communicate his religious complex to the public and help recruit “jihadis” for his movement. Slowly, the group began to grow.

Upcoming Games of 2015

Sure, the year 2014 had some major disappointments. For me, it was the worst year in gaming history. But there is always hope, and to gamers, that hope is 2015. This year, many major game companies such as Ubisoft and EA will try to redeem themselves from the massive gaming setbacks of 2014 by producing better games.

Lizard Man: the Living Dr. Connors

In the Spiderman franchise, Doctor Curtis Connors injects himself with a formula of lizard DNA to regenerate his left arm, only to mutate in to one of Spiderman’s villains: ‘the Lizard’. The idea of such a creature existing today is anything but settling. However, reports from South Carolina say that something like Spiderman’s Lizard is prowling through Scape Ore Swamp. 

Jordan Lifts Moratorium on Capital Punishment

Some argue against the death penalty by claiming that courts can be wrong. It is possible that they make erronous rulings on crimes. Nonetheless, it is illogical to eliminate the basis of a law. Just because there could be a one percent chance of the detainee’s’ innocence does not make it legitimate to completely abandon the use of death penalty. It just means that the court should be more judicious in sentencing criminals to death. In order to assure this, Dr. Momani, Jordan’s Minister of State for Media Affairs and Communications, announced that in many cases, implementation of the death penalty is delayed to allow for reconciliation between the opposing sides in premeditated murder cases. He also added that court verdicts on the death penalty are automatically appealed at the Court of Cassation, which has to uphold the verdict, stressing that the practice of execution is not a light matter. Once the Court of Cassation upholds a death sentence, the case is sent to the Cabinet for endorsement and a Royal Decree should be issued …

Parlez-vous français?

When you think of French, you probably just see it as one of the foreign languages that you have to take for two years in order to complete the graduation requirements at King’s Academy. But alas, this is an insult to French – one of the most beautiful and useful languages in the world. (Did you know that French is spoken by 129 million people in 54 countries?) Imagine a world without French toast, French fries and French kisses (ew!). The image of France as a romantic country with amiable cafés, cutting-edge fashion, and the iconic tour Eiffel has been planted deeply in the minds of the world. That image is merely a tip of the iceberg, however, as myriad French quirks still wait to be discovered and appreciated. Out of a mutual love of French and a yearning to establish French culture in the school, several King’s Academy students including Marah Ajeilat and Saif AlTarawneh proposed the idea of a French club to motivated French students who wanted learn more. After receiving approval from …

Can You Say Omelettes? : A Profile of Ms. Rania Al Hayek

After spending years of her life cooking, Rania Al Hayek began her career in cooking at King’s Academy. Though you may not know her name, you know her face. Al Hayek is well known across King’s academy for her incredible omelets, which are the highlight of the weekend breakfast menu. But Al Hayek didn’t begin her career with omelets alone. She has a career history in cooking and has worked in several restaurants, including her own.

When A Wrong Can Right Another Wrong

Shock and relief emerged as reactions on the morning of December 21, 2014. After a moratorium since 2006, Jordan hanged 11 Jordanian detainees, all men, lifting the execution ban. The execution of the 11 criminals convicted of murder ended Jordan’s informal eight-year moratorium on the death penalty. Following Shari’a jurisdiction, Jordan has implemented death penalty for capital crimes, including, but not limited to, aggravated murder, rape, and acts of terrorism up until 2006. In March that year, the final execution took place; The Jordanian legal system unofficially invalidated the law and left it to the King’s will. It was HM King Abdullah II’s ultimate decision to implement capital punishment. Disgustingly enough, 122 criminals have since been sentenced to death. Jordan was once praised for its death penalty moratorium, making one wonder why it has made a decision to change. Firstly, non-application of the death penalty in Jordan resulted in steady crime increase with social violence doubling. As Interior minister Hussein Majali suggested recently, “the public believes that the rise in crime has been the result …