A State of Ignorance

In the wake of the uncalled-for spectacle that was the killing of Airforce Luitenant Muath Al Kaseasbeh by ISIL, Jordan has proven to the world and itself that it is a country of people not tribes. There is no El-Fayez Jordan or Beni Sakhr Jordan. There is only the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The ‘holy’ Islamic State has proven to be nothing more than an Ignorant State, ignorant of Islam and of the value of human life. In light of current nationalistic fervor, it must not be forgotten, however, why we choose to fight. We do not choose to fight for the sake of fighting or the sake of revenge. We fight for a cause that is greater than ourselves—the cause of humanity. In doing so, we chose to stand against backward ideologies like that of ISIL, which prioritize religious interpretation over human life, when the contrary is true.

Moments like these demonstrate to the world why it needs King’s Academy and its people. This war, like all wars, is not won by bullets, but rather by ideas, ending the war with the same fuel that started it. Empathy is our weapon. As students of King’s Academy, we must not fall prey to nationalistic fervor. Instead, we must be aware of it and understand it. We must not lose sight of the issue that is lack of education throughout the region and the world at large. As students, citizens of the world, and future leaders, we must be critical of our environment, both the actions of Jordan and ISIL. In doing so, the struggle Jordan has chosen to undertake is vindicated and not abused. In the hardest of times, we must keep our opinions founded on logos rather than pathos, so that the words we utter and the actions upon which we embark may enlighten us.

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