Can You Say Omelettes? : A Profile of Ms. Rania Al Hayek

After spending years of her life cooking, Rania Al Hayek began her career in cooking at King’s Academy. Though you may not know her name, you know her face. Al Hayek is well known across King’s academy for her incredible omelets, which are the highlight of the weekend breakfast menu. But Al Hayek didn’t begin her career with omelets alone. She has a career history in cooking and has worked in several restaurants, including her own.

After working in three different restaurants, Al Hayek decided that she didn’t enjoy working for others and would rather cook for her own enjoyment. With a knack for preparing Arab food, specifically Jordanian dishes, she decided to open her own restaurant, which was later reported on by the magazine Jaridat Al Ghad. Unfortunately, unable to cope with the financial aspect of running a business, Al Hayek closed her restaurant after two years of good business and new experiences, deciding to return to working for other restaurants.

Inspired to help her community, Al Hayek started looking for schools in need of cooking staff. King’s Academy caught her eye when she was searching for work and she quickly joined the school. She has now been at King’s for two years and wishes to continue, for she has enjoyed her experiences working here. Rania enjoys dealing with students on a weekly basis and enjoys the atmosphere in the Dining Hall kitchen, which she says involves less pressure than most restaurants.

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