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“I Can’t… I Have Rehearsal!” JYMC Commits to Music

Friday, January 30th marked the beginning of King’s Academy’s third annual Jordan’s Youth Musician’s Conference (JYMC). This entailed two days full of intense practice, with rehearsals from morning to evening, and the convergence of musicians from both King’s and elsewhere in Jordan. JYMC began in the winter of 2013, back when the King’s Academy orchestra was a mere fraction of its current size. Since then, the orchestra has grown both in size and skill, tackling far more difficult and impressive pieces than before. This progress has also been made by the JYMC orchestra, which has grown in size and proficiency every year since its establishment.

Each year, the conference has held some theme or slogan. The first conference’s ‘punny’ slogan was “Without music, life would B-flat.” The next year followed with the phrase, “Time to play!” This year’s theme centered around the efforts and commitment necessary for creating music. The backs of the customary JYMC shirts this year read, “I can’t … I have rehearsal! Commit to music.” This year’s conference also featured an addition to JYMC, the choral component. This year, the King’s Academy Glee Club, joined by some guest singers from outside King’s, put together its own repertoire for the conference.

At 6:30 PM on Saturday, the auditorium was packed with an audience eager to hear the result of the musicians’ hard work and commitment.

The choir began the night’s concert, performing three short but sweet pieces: ‘Sanctus’, ‘3inda Himaha’, and ‘Ain’t that Good News’. The orchestral performance then followed with four additional pieces: Peter Tchaikovsky’s ‘Sleeping Beauty’, Johannes Brahms’ ‘Academic Festival Overture’, Edward MacDowell’s ‘To a Wild Rose’, and Gershwin’s ‘I Got Rhythm’.

That weekend, the audience, and even the orchestra members themselves, had the opportunity to enjoy a ‘full’ orchestra, complete with strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion, which wouldn’t have been present had it not been for the conference. One can now only wait to see what the orchestra and choir have in store for next year!