Parlez-vous français?

When you think of French, you probably just see it as one of the foreign languages that you have to take for two years in order to complete the graduation requirements at King’s Academy. But alas, this is an insult to French – one of the most beautiful and useful languages in the world. (Did you know that French is spoken by 129 million people in 54 countries?) Imagine a world without French toast, French fries and French kisses (ew!). The image of France as a romantic country with amiable cafés, cutting-edge fashion, and the iconic tour Eiffel has been planted deeply in the minds of the world. That image is merely a tip of the iceberg, however, as myriad French quirks still wait to be discovered and appreciated.

Out of a mutual love of French and a yearning to establish French culture in the school, several King’s Academy students including Marah Ajeilat and Saif AlTarawneh proposed the idea of a French club to motivated French students who wanted learn more. After receiving approval from Dr. Mark Foster, the French club officially began in early December of 2014, gaining over 25 members including this reporter. In our French club’s weekly meeting, everyone is free to propose activities that can help to foster our learning of the language, such as watching movies or playing word-guessing games. We also talk about current issues in the world and on campus, discussing how to make it more fun for students to learn French and how to foster a French culture in King’s Academy.

In recent meetings, the club has come up with several plans: watching the classic French film La Grande Illusion at Lycée Français in Amman, organizing a Karaoke night on Valentine’s Day (inshallah it will be romantic) that all King’s Academy students are welcome to join. (It is also the Chinese and Korean New Year weekend so prepare yourselves for some culture diffusion!) If you cannot come on weekends, there are other options: a Trivia night to be held on a school night in March, between the start of Spring Term and Spring Break. This grand event will involve schools that teach French from all over Amman. The food will be délicieux and everyone is welcome to come. Another great opportunity to learn about French culture is a trip to France between the end of the school year and Ramadan. The details of the trip have not yet been settled – it will either be a tour of France or an exchange with a local French school. Additionally, we are discussing the possibility of supplementing or replacing AP French with term-long courses such as French Cinema, French Culture through its comics, French Art, Architecture and Cuisine. For now, these are just wild thoughts; But imagine watching French movies and talking about real French culture in class instead of just studying boring grammar in textbooks!

If you are interested in these diverse activities and want to join our French club, please contact Dr. Mark. We meet every Sunday at 6:15 P.M. in Dr. Mark’s apartment. (Lots of snacks are offered, including chips in various flavors, cookies, dates, and juice.) Every Monday 6:15 PM, we have French table in the dining hall. Come and join us if you have a true love for French language and culture!

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