Month: March 2015

Top 5 Most-Legendary Video Games Franchises of All Time

Have you ever wondered what makes a video game series legendary? All it needs is a great storyline, spectacular and attention-grabbing gameplay, and an amazing world/universe that expands your imagination drastically. Quite a few video game series, in my opinion, have achieved this, with some even gaining bonuses on the way including great co-op and epic soundtracks. So without further ado, here is the list of the most legendary video gaming series of all time.

ShermIts Are Nihal’s New Top Dogs

Students here are diverse, interesting, and as the last couple of months have shown, brimming with ideas. From the recent KAMUN conference, to the Key Club and Round Square projects, the Mock Trial and Code co-curriculars, and the Feminist and Ecce Homo clubs, students have demonstrated leadership, organization, and initiative. One enterprise, however, that has escaped the public eye, and demands attention just like any extracurricular activity, is the small, student-led business that has made Nihal a more savory place after study hall: ShermIts™.

Seeds of Peace, Seeds of Power

My knowledge of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict when I was young was very limited. In fact, I didn’t know there was conflict. Palestine was a word I constantly heard thrown around, but it seemed to have a certain gravity to it. I was always too afraid to ask.

Rethinking ‘Normalization’

The word ‘normalization’ had been floating around the hallways of King’s Academy in the days leading up to and following a visit from Seeds of Peace representatives. Seeds of Peace, an organization that brings together teenager from areas of conflict—notably Palestinians, Jordanians, Egyptians, and Israelis—has stirred up a lot of controversy, as many believe that going to such programs normalizes the Israeli occupation. For a word that has caused so much controversy, normalization is surprisingly difficult to define.

Celebrating The Year of The Sheep

Once upon a time, there was a scary beast called Nian. It came out on the first day of every Lunar New Year to raid the countryside, devouring livestock and villagers, especially young children whose meat was considered the most delicious. To protect themselves, villagers prepared a huge feast on that day and presented the best dishes in front of their houses so that Nian might choose to eat these dishes instead of the innocent children. Unfortunately, the villagers’ generosity did not put an end to the beast’s brutality, leading them to seek revenge on Nian. Moved by their tragedy, a god came down from heaven and advised the villagers to put red paper and firecrackers in front of their houses on the day when Nian would attack.

The Power of Language Immersion

Here at King’s Academy, global citizenship is highly regarded and revered. Language is an integral portion of being a global citizen. Graduation requirements at King’s include both Arabic and a (for some, second or even third) foreign language such as Spanish, French, or Chinese. Last summer I spent one month living and working in a chalet in Gruyeres where I experienced authentic Swiss culture and received an exceptional education in French. I stayed with a Swiss family that housed tourists in their quaint and cozy B&B, on top of keeping over 40 cows to produce mainly Gruyere cheese. The family spoke limited English, which helped improve my French language skills and my knowledge of Swiss culture.

Dance Mode On!

As I repeat after Mr. Ryuji the next part of the choreography, I look around the dance studio at the Evening Dance Ensemble through the mirror, and observe how much our dance group has grown.  Ever since freshman year, I have watched the dance program flourish and become more and more professional. Students have been joining, not only to learn contemporary dance, but to also learn Dabke and choreograph their own individual pieces. This year’s dance showcase was proof of all the hard work and vigor that was put into producing our all-encompassing show. On Wednesday, March 4th, about 26 dancers performed our pieces, with 14 of the dancers involved in 3-6 pieces.

‘Better Call Saul’

After his unbelievable accomplishments in the hit television series Breaking Bad, Vince Gilligan set the bar so high that many doubted that his next work, Better Call Saul, would ever even come close to competing with the status that Breaking Bad reached. However, many others also believed in the talent of Gilligan’s creative abilities and predicted that he would continue to astound his audiences with his great storylines. The latter group has been proven right.

The Lamentations of Amin: An Oscar Jeremiad

I am calling this an Oscar rant. However, I am not going to talk about why the Academy Awards should acknowledge more independent films or why they should not operate on principles concerning whether so-and-so is an ‘Oscar-type actor’. Instead, I want to raise a few comments on several of the specific decisions that the Academy made in regards to this past year’s awards.