‘Better Call Saul’

After his unbelievable accomplishments in the hit television series Breaking Bad, Vince Gilligan set the bar so high that many doubted that his next work, Better Call Saul, would ever even come close to competing with the status that Breaking Bad reached. However, many others also believed in the talent of Gilligan’s creative abilities and predicted that he would continue to astound his audiences with his great storylines. The latter group has been proven right.

Having personally been a Breaking Bad enthusiast and admirer of the slick-minded character Saul Goodman, I knew that the criminal lawyer had to have had an interesting past. I knew that Gilligan would use this as the basis for his prequel. However, (potential viewers be advised—we’re approaching some spoilers), I never expected the tremendous twists and revelations that would be appear within the show. It’s as if Gilligan prepared for the prequel before even getting the greenlight for his Breaking Bad spinoff. (To give an example: the unexpected introduction of the tough stickler, Mike Ehrmantraut, into Saul’s life as a simple ticket dispenser, his slowly developing acquaintanceship with Saul through their daily disputes, and the conclusion of Mike’s help in one of Saul’s investigations of a client). Though I shouldn’t be calling our protagonist by the name he is given in Breaking Bad, since in his earlier years he went by another name: James McGill.

Gilligan has truly outdone himself with the creation of another show that asphyxiates its viewers with intrigue and excitement. The level of detail and consistency that the show is made with truly gives the viewer a satisfying feeling of having experienced the events with the characters. I don’t want to further spoil the show for future viewers, but it is truly worth watching, and gives its audience a reason to look forward to every Tuesday night (according to local scheduling).

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