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Top 5 Most-Legendary Video Games Franchises of All Time

Have you ever wondered what makes a video game series legendary? All it needs is a great storyline, spectacular and attention-grabbing gameplay, and an amazing world/universe that expands your imagination drastically. Quite a few video game series, in my opinion, have achieved this, with some even gaining bonuses on the way including great co-op and epic soundtracks. So without further ado, here is the list of the most legendary video gaming series of all time.

  1. Pokémon
    Come on, who doesn’t love Pokémon? I personally grew up playing fire red, sapphire, then diamond, and was never disappointed by them. The game has not only featured a great storyline for every generation, but also redefined competitive gaming. Everyone who plays Pokémon loves to brag about what Pokémon he/she has caught, what nature it is, and how many IVs it has. Pokémon values diversity and uniqueness. In other words, it is almost impossible to have a Pokémon that is exactly the same as that of your friend’s. This is one of the very many reasons why I believe that this game has to be placed at the top of the list.
  2. Halo
    A successful book series and one of the top video game soundtracks, Halo is, without a doubt, the deserving runner-up of the list, considering its extremely cinematic storyline that engages us in all states of emotions (mostly anxiety and confusion). The game mainly focuses on Master Chief, a Spartan formally known as John-117, although there are also some versions that have nothing to do with him at all. What I really must say about this game is the fact that the more is added to the storyline, the better the game becomes. It seems as though this game will never lose quality through its never-ending flow of inspiration.
  3. Zelda
    Third place goes to the much-respected game series, Zelda. Zelda was there for everyone who wanted an interesting but not-so-complicated game. It contains a selection of some beautiful worlds and unique gameplay. Although I haven’t played the game, my respect towards the franchise is highly regarded.
  4. Final Fantasy
    Growing up under the influence of my cousins, who are connected to this franchise, it was physically and emotionally impossible for me not to try Final Fantasy at least once. I personally hated it, given that it is just not my type of game. Yet, I pay it the same amount of respect as other legendary games. According the crazed fans, Final Fantasy is their source of enjoyment, their refuge of happiness, and their source of calmness. The series is outstanding story-wise and is special in its own style of gameplay.
  5. Super Mario Bros.
    Mario! What a game—loved it, breathed it, and hoped that Nintendo would not ruin it. I must say that Mario 64 and its remake on the DS are the best, in that they really have set a new standard for gaming. Just like most of the Mario games, they feature a fantastic and original storyline and the games are rated E for everyone—which means that anyone can play and everyone can enjoy.
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