Month: March 2016

Jordan Is No Place For Terrorists

On Tuesday, March 1st specialized security forces raided a residential building in Irbid’s northern neighborhood near the downtown area to arrest a group of armed persons belonging to the terrorist group ISIL. Captain Rashed Hussein Zyoud fell martyr to this attack and a few citizens sustained minimal injuries. It might seem that there weren’t many causalities, but the trauma that the inhabitants of Irbid endured was greater than any physical injury.

KA Celebrates Its First International Women’s Day

Tuesday, March 8th was the worldwide celebration of women, and for the first time, the King’s Academy Feminist Club organized a day to appreciate all the women of King’s Academy. The festivities included a poem written and performed by Dina Kuttab ’17, Leen Al-Zu’bi ’17, and Diana Ghazzawi ’18 during the school meeting of the day before International Women’s Day. The poem was a thank-you note to all the female faculty and students, and a reminder to all women to keep working hard towards their goals regardless of what society might say.

Thinking Small to Create Big Change: KAMUN 2016

Think Small. Win Big. It was a seemingly perplexing motto to start this years King’s Academy Model United Nations conference although this ideal lead to its ultimate success. The goal of the conference was not to be better but to be different, in the words of Secretary General, Rami Rustom. Many MUN conferences seek to be the biggest and the best in their region but KAMUN sought to be alternative. The Secretariat and the Presidents worked to insure that forums were small and selective in order to increase the level of debate. Unlike most MUN conferences, the focus was shifted from a political approach to that of entrepreneurship in order to get delegates to think small in order to win big.

Down by 10, Lions Roar Back to Topple Amman Academy

The boys’ Varsity Basketball team’s 70-68 victory over Amman Academy tonight, as some of the players describe it, was a “surprise,” and “unexpected.” The game was close, and the outcome remained uncertain until—literally—the last second. But there was one person who had a very good feeling the Lions were going to win. A certain Nihal senior, who requested anonymity, believed so strongly that the boys had it in them, perhaps more than Coaches Derek and Iyad, or even the players themselves, that he placed a whopping bet (of a three-figure sum, he later claimed) on the Lions to defeat the Amman Academy Knights and bring home the 2016 Amman Athletic Conference cup.