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Jordan Is No Place For Terrorists

On Tuesday, March 1st specialized security forces raided a residential building in Irbid’s northern neighborhood near the downtown area to arrest a group of armed persons belonging to the terrorist group ISIL. Captain Rashed Hussein Zyoud fell martyr to this attack and a few citizens sustained minimal injuries. It might seem that there weren’t many causalities, but the trauma that the inhabitants of Irbid endured was greater than any physical injury.Attacksonirbid

There is a lesson to be learned from this incident. Every time terrorists try to test the power and capability of the Jordanian army and forces, they end up battered and defeated. This failed attack should be a lesson for any terrorist group that plans on meddling with this country’s business and security. The manner in which the Jordanian Security forces dealt with this attack, the constant monitoring of the extremist bunch, the quick and drastic action, the skill in handling the attack in the midst of a heavily populated residential area, despite the fact that they were heavily armed, made Jordanians feel safe, secure and proud of the brave soldiers.

The loss of Captain Rashed Zyoud is painfully mourned by the entire Jordanian nation. By attending his funeral along with other members of the Royal Family, His Majesty King Abdullah was sending a resounding message, telling the world that Jordanians are soldiers for their land as they stand together in the way of an attack that was supposed to create a division between them, and that this land will always be forbidden to conspirators and terrorists.