KA Celebrates Its First International Women’s Day

Tuesday, March 8th was the worldwide celebration of women, and for the first time, the King’s Academy Feminist Club organized a day to appreciate all the women of King’s Academy. The festivities included a poem written and performed by Dina Kuttab ’17, Leen Al-Zu’bi ’17, and Diana Ghazzawi ’18 during the school meeting of the day before International Women’s Day. The poem was a thank-you note to all the female faculty and students, and a reminder to all women to keep working hard towards their goals regardless of what society might say.IWD

That morning, the Feminist Club put up a chalkboard in front of the gallery, and on this board students and faculty wrote the names of women “who inspired them.” There was a variety of responses from ‘my mom’ to ‘Queen Rania’ to ‘Kim Kardashian.’ During advisory lunch, there were purple ribbons and cards on the tables with various empowering quotes. It was admirable to see many people wearing the purple ribbons in solidarity, regardless of their sex. At night, dorms (such as Alnilam) watched empowering movies. Overall, the event was a success, and the KA community hopes to see an even bigger celebration in the years to come.

Big thanks to the Feminist Club for organizing this event.