Month: September 2017

Two Parts Becoming a Whole

I’ve never been quite at ease with the fact that I’m both Japanese and Jordanian. From not being able to speak Arabic when I first came to Jordan, and having this proven by my first-grade teacher (who told me that I would never be able to speak or write Arabic), to the relentless Fridays of each week, when I had to go to a Japanese school in Amman; or the occasional looks I get in Japan, because I do not quite look like the other Japanese people, especially where my grandmother lives, in a suburb where people are not used to seeing many foreigners.

The Kaziya: Behind the Scenes

During 15-minute breaks, before lunch, after classes, and even during classes; Khaziya is probably the most crowded and busy area on campus. Always full of students and faculties craving for food in the middle of the day, Khaziya provides the school with variety of offbeat food that cannot be found in the Dining Hall.