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Boys’ Soccer Sets Tone for the Year in Preseason Tournament

On Friday the 22nd of September, King’s Academy hosted the first pre-season group tournament of the year, an official start to the beginning of the boys’ soccer season. Each team would play three games, which varied in groups.

Varsity B, began with an intense match against Baptist in which King’s Academy won 4-2 as a result of Ibrahim Akeels hat trick and Waleed Sabawi’s one goal. They then faced up against Etihad, and won 3-1, with goals scored by Yousef Bunnia, Fadi Maamarbachi and Waleed Sabawi. Varsity then went on to beat Montessori 3-0, with goals coming from Fadi Maamarbachi, Yousef Bunnia and Abdul Aziz Bunnia.

Varsity A, started the tournament with an incredible 6-0 win against Etihad, with two goals from Wael Kanaan, two goals from Ismail Samardali and a goal each for Abdulrahman Istanbouli and Talal Said. The second matchup, faced king’s academy and Montessori. In a battle with constant chances from each team, the heated game ended in a 0-0 draw. Varsity A ended the tournament with another 6-0 win against Repton New Enclish School, with a goal for Talal Said, Laith Abduljawad, Faisal Khalili, Omar Abdullal and two more goals coming from Ismail Samardali making him the top goal scorer for kings academy.

This first preseason tournament had Varsity B earned 9 points while Varsity A only found 7. Both teams made a name for themselves, however, and made sure that any team who heard King’s Academy would be struck with a sudden feeling of fear: the Lions were going after them next.