Month: October 2017

Boarding as a Senior

Becoming a boarder is a recent thought, I thought about it seriously in my junior year. For anyone, who uses transportation in the streets of Jordan, would know the struggle of commuting every day. The traffic throughout the day, and especially during the morning; who doesn’t remember taking a tardy, and trying to talk to Ms. Farah. And of course, one cannot forget what Jordan is known for, which are the high-street bumps that are present on every street yet you don’t notice it until you feel your head bumping on the roof of the car. You can tell commuting is hard in Jordan. That is when I finally got fed up with the amount of time that I am wasting from being a day student. Hence, the decision of seeking the opinion of boarders in the school. Let me tell you what I heard, many told me about the food, as expected, and how even dinner is based on routine. They told me about the lack of freedom, where there is study hall, check-in …

Amman Design Week

Amman Design Week’s 2017 program consisted of “The Hangar Exhibition”, presenting the work of local artists, designers and photographers. More than just a series of colorful and pretty pieces, each project exhibited at ADW had its own message to portray on the overall theme of ‘movement’.

Meditate For a Better Life

We live in a world in which people are prescribed medicine all kinds of disorders and conditions, regardless of diagnosis, effectiveness, or long-term consequences. A common example in schools today is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. People get diagnosed for disorders like ADHD and end up being hooked on medication which will forever ruin their lives, instead of just freeing their minds and meditating. Meditation has been practiced for centuries, and some of the earliest references to meditation have been found in the Hindu Vedas of India. Even today, meditation is still used by many people to improve their quality of life. Ideally, the act of meditation is one whose aim is to reach complete awareness and consciousness and to be present in the moment—a truly difficult state to achieve, especially today with so many distractions around us. Phones may allow us to connect to one another across space and time, but meditation can truly allow a person to be one with the world: complete, only the individual and what connects him to the world. The …