Meditate For a Better Life

We live in a world in which people are prescribed medicine all kinds of disorders and conditions, regardless of diagnosis, effectiveness, or long-term consequences. A common example in schools today is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. People get diagnosed for disorders like ADHD and end up being hooked on medication which will forever ruin their lives, instead of just freeing their minds and meditating.

Meditation has been practiced for centuries, and some of the earliest references to meditation have been found in the Hindu Vedas of India. Even today, meditation is still used by many people to improve their quality of life. Ideally, the act of meditation is one whose aim is to reach complete awareness and consciousness and to be present in the moment—a truly difficult state to achieve, especially today with so many distractions around us. Phones may allow us to connect to one another across space and time, but meditation can truly allow a person to be one with the world: complete, only the individual and what connects him to the world.

The way to meditate is not simple; it requires patience. First, start off sitting in a lotus position, the posture from which you will completely focus on breathing. The best way to focus on breathing is to create a breathing pattern: six seconds to inhale, hold for three seconds, six seconds to exhale, repeat. Most of the time your thoughts will start drifting away elsewhere, which is why breathing will be used as an anchor. When you feel your thoughts drift, simply acknowledge that and proceed to focus on your breath. After some time, you will reach a state of oneness: complete, one with the world with no interference, and a feeling no drug or meditation can ever reach.

Meditation can truly turn around your life, but only if they are patient. Believe in the act of meditation and be rewarded with a better constructed and more successful life.

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