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A Liberal Approach To A Senior’s Stamp

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 10.51.18 PM

The senior jacket over the years
Ryuji Yamaguchi

Senior Jackets are one of the things every student in Jordan looks forwards to for their last year in high school. It is an indication that you are amongst the graduating class, and you are proud of that. It is one of the ways seniors get to differentiate themselves from the rest of the school. It is also one of the most chaotic experiences this school-year.

From the first week of school seniors have been talking about what they’re going to do with their jackets. “I’ve been waiting for senior jacket since freshmen year!” said Randa Jumean ’18. Conversations were calm, until Mr. Ryuji Yamaguchi, the senior class dean, decided to announce the voting process seniors will go through to design the jackets.

Seniors were started off by being given the opportunity to choose the color of the jacket. “Red is an ugly color! It’s too bright,” said Fadi Nuqul ’18. “We have had blue for way too long, bikafi!” said Hamzeh Shahin ’18. “Honestly, I don’t care, as long as I don’t get both and look like Spiderman,” stated Rafi Naber ’18.

Some seniors even took to social media to express their thoughts. “I was getting really annoyed by the idea of the color red, and decided that I needed to voice my thoughts, so I posted what I thought on my snapchat story,” explained Ruby Hawari ’18, “I told people that they are dumb if they don’t choose blue, obviously in a joking tone. Well, half joking.”

Frustrated and under pressure, some seniors began to decide they wouldn’t vote at all. “In the last week I have had like 30 people ask me what I’m picking. Khalas, I don’t care any more.” said Omar Bataineh ’18. “Inshallah we choose purple and yellow, it’s not my problem anymore!”

One senior actually suggested white on white, something that had never been done before. Still, the real argument was between the reds and the blues.

Voting took place on Al-Khazneh, and lasted for a week. The first round had every color combination possible, and the second was a run off between the two combinations with the highest plurality from round one: red/off-white and blue/white.

The week of panic ended when the results were announced. Red/Off-white had beat the blue/white combination 56.31% to 42.72%, with a voter turn out of 69.39%. The major stages of the voting process was over, and with the closing of the polls came the return of peace amongst the senior class.

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 10.51.55 PM

A screenshot of the results, emailed to seniors by Mr. Ryuji on September 21st, 2017.

The seniors are currently awaiting the announcement of what form of the schools name shall appear on the back (King’s Academy, King’s, or KA) as well as whether our family names will appear in bold or cursive font. The most important stage is behind us, though, hopefully forgotten.

According to Mr. Ryuji, if all back quotes and shoulder submissions come in on time, seniors will be representing their class by the week of fall exams. Until then, they’ll stick stick to their looks of exhaustion and stress identify themselves.

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