Boarding as a Senior

Becoming a boarder is a recent thought, I thought about it seriously in my junior year. For anyone, who uses transportation in the streets of Jordan, would know the struggle of commuting every day. The traffic throughout the day, and especially during the morning; who doesn’t remember taking a tardy, and trying to talk to Ms. Farah. And of course, one cannot forget what Jordan is known for, which are the high-street bumps that are present on every street yet you don’t notice it until you feel your head bumping on the roof of the car. You can tell commuting is hard in Jordan.

That is when I finally got fed up with the amount of time that I am wasting from being a day student. Hence, the decision of seeking the opinion of boarders in the school. Let me tell you what I heard, many told me about the food, as expected, and how even dinner is based on routine. They told me about the lack of freedom, where there is study hall, check-in during the night, and now in the mornings.

But, what they didn’t warn me about is the possibility of losing my sense of hearing. Teachers are always shouting the words, “Study hall started”, and “study hall is over”, which seems to be louder than the first one. Or, the loudness of the students, and because of my luck, two girls were singing during a Zoom discussion, similar to Skype, for my GOA class. I was mortified; for the fear of being seen as living in a mental hospital. If you are a messy person, then forget about it; as there are room checks every week, or you can just keep it clean on the day of check-in for your room. If you want to start a healthy lifestyle, then be prepared to have a strong well; for there is a feed almost every two weeks, where food would be luring you to eat. Then, you would wake up the next morning; regretting eating at night. Yet, when the next feed comes, your hand still goes to reach for the food. So, beware of the decisiveness of food at King’s.

But, there is some positive outcome of becoming a boarder. You get 2-3 hours a day, the hours lost during commuting. If you don’t want to go to O’block, then you have your friends at the reach of your hands to ask them. But, don’t do this all the time; as your friends, might get angry at you; for acting as their conscience that keeps reminding them about school work; you would be an alarm except that there is no stop button.

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