Looking for a Star


The brightest stars give the most light.

I like stars. Something about them is just so interesting, so enchanting, and so irritating. A few of them are easy to notice, but you might need to put some effort to catch some of the others. The world is full of these bright structures, but they’re so far away no one can catch them, or be friends with them. See, they’re not only figures in the sky, they’re a concept. But what if. What if I outsmart them. They’re not better than me. No one has anything that I don’t have. If they are stars, I can be a star too. And not only any star, but the brightest of them all.

If you know my relationship with some of these stars, you’ll think I’m crazy, and I won’t deny it. It takes courage and a little bit of insanity to do what I am doing. What you might not yet understand, is that I have a whole planned strategy. I calculate and measure every step, every breath, every look that a star might exchange. It is simply foolish to ignore those tiny details, they’re most important. Look, if you want to be star, you have to take down these stars, and allow your actions to make louder noise.

So, pull out your calculator, because every step in my crazy process is carefully thought about and measured.

I never approach a collection of stars all at once. I befriend them, one by one. I weaken their brightness, by making them feel like I emit greater light energy. If the light energy they emit equals 1000 joules, I make them feel like it is only half of what it could be, by pretending like I emit 2000, even if I don’t. It’s all in the head. Once I make them feel like I could not have cared less about their blinding bright light, and their irresistible charismatic noise, the fun begins.

When one stars sees me accompanying another star, they freeze, and think about the validity of my stardom. Later the same day, I make the second star feel like I am the galaxy, and they believe it. I get a kiss on the cheek from the second star, and that is how the third and fourth and fifth begin noticing my light. My light is not pretend.

These stars wonder, who is it that dares to look me in the eye, and not be intimidated. They wonder, they question, and to their surprise they find themselves pulling themselves in. They pull themselves from their high places in the sky, to where they think is low, only to surprise them once more, by showing them the true height that I stand at. Or so I pretend.

One by one, I pull them in. I know their secrets, their fears and regrets, and I try to be there for them. I call it a star-studded party. I love those, the ones all the stars are at, so I can target more than one at the same time. Don’t think of them as victims, they’re lucky they’re in my presence. Or is all pretend?

It takes time to take them down, so that’s not my goal. I want to belittle them, but still be on their team.

I often forget that stardom is not about money. There are many stars that are not rich, but I often lose myself in their clean happy appearance. Little did I know that they are far from happy. A portion of these stars do not own that much money, and they might or might not be happier than those stars who do.

In the time I am looking for a star, I remember that in my life, I am the biggest one of them all.

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