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How to keep yourself warm at King’s?

“You cannot predict the weather in Jordan,” says Ms. Julianne. Anyone who lives in Jordan experiences a cold chilly day underneath the rain in one day and a sunny hot weather on the next day. In Madaba, specifically at King’s, the weather tends to be a little bit colder than other neighborhoods around it, because it is in the middle of nothing. So, the wind attacks the campus from every direction; there are not any houses or buildings around the campus to protect the King’s Academy helpless students from cold nights.

Not only that, but also the heaters in the dorms have limited time. In the dorms, the heater turns on at 5:30 am in the morning and turns off at 8 am. During this time, most of the students and faculty are sleeping underneath their warm blankets, so really there is no point of the heater at that time. The heaters in the dorms turn on again at the end of the day – at about 7:00 pm, which is the time when many students are having dinner in the Dining Hall or are out with their friends. When students come back to the dorms at 7:45 pm to check in, they tend not to sit next to the heater, because warmth coming from it would make them sleepy after a long exhausting day at King’s. So, even though heaters might make the room a little bit warmer at night, they are still reducing their energy to study.

So, what should a King’s Academy student do to keep himself or herself warm on this cold campus?

First, students at King’s Academy should bring all their winter clothes with them when winter begins. If applicable, they should also bring their siblings’ hoodies. As they pack the winter clothes, students should make sure that there is at three thick pairs of socks, only for the dorm. They should also pack two pants; one very tight to the body, so air does not enter, and the other big loose pants, so it feels homey and cozy.

Secondly, students should make sure that they close their doors quickly after they enter the room or leave it, because the heaters at King’s take a very long time to warm the room, and the heat leaks out very quickly. One minute is enough for the room to feel cold, maybe colder than before. The room, however, might get stuffy because there is not any source of air. To solve this problem, students should keep their windows open during the day when they are in the Academy Building. At that time, even though the room would become cold, it is not going to matter because the heaters is not switched on any way.

Thirdly, during classes, students should keep rubbing their hands to feel warm, because at King’s, the heaters are in the furthest corner the them. Sorry! There is not any other practical way to stay warm. Nevertheless, you might play some tricks on the school. Students can bring a very warm “dark blue” coats with them, so when they wear them in the Academy Building, teachers would not recognize that it is not the school’s uniform. In addition, they can also bring coffee to the class, and touch the cub during the class from time to time to transfer some heat from it to their hands. At the end of the day, we, students, want to survive the battle against coldness on campus!





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