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The Final Countdown: 5 Things To Do Before Winter Break


Photo by: Yazan Aryan’18. Hamzeh Shahin ’18 taking off on the golf cart.

Four more days. We have four more days until we all go our separate ways for three weeks, blowing off all the steam leftover from classes and classmates, from cocos and quizzes, from 3 months of King’s Academy.

For seniors, winter-break marks the end of the bulk of college work, and the beginning of senioritus. For juniors and sophomores, they can take a much deserved break from all their classes, after the vigorous work they have been through. For freshman, they can take time for reflection after the first term of high school. For teachers, return home to your families and friends, and forget all the stacks of grading left at home.

Although, we are coming back in three-weeks, so consequences for how we handle this week are in play. We all feel a little burnt out, and want to just give up, but it isn’t over just yet. So, here is a few things to remember before we take off for three-weeks.

Number One: Finish all left-over homework before you leave.

Whatever reason you have for the work not being done, you won’t remember anything by the time you come back, and that work will remain undone until its too late. Whether it is one, two, three, or more assignments, get it done.

Number Two: Clean out all your food!

Freshman year, I forgot to take the milk out, and that was not a nice thing to come back to. Unless you want to clean out some yeast during quiet hours on the first Saturday back, do it now.

Number Three: Talk to your teachers about grades.

The report cards will be submitted on the first week back, and no teacher likes being harassed by their students about grades right before they are due. Talk to them now, before everyone else starts to attack.

Number Four: Turn off your fridge one night before.

All the ice in the freezer is gonna melt, have yourself be there before it happens, so that you can make sure your room stays in tact. Nobody wants to come back to a wet carpet and ruined wires.

Number Five: Make a list of everything you need to bring back.

You’ll probably forget how much stuff you took back home, and unless you want to spend the first week sleeping without sheets and begging friends for an extra towel, leave yourself a note of what you need to bring back. We are gonna continue the year at full-speed once we get back, make sure you can focus on that rather than your discomfort.

As long as you can get these things done before you leave for break, you can rest without stressing about coming back, and guarantee that return process will be a lot easier.

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A King's Academy senior from Palestine who lives in Jordan.