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King’s Goes ‘Nanas for Bananas


Cyan Brady ’18 picking a banana from the dining hall.

The banana tree appeared suddenly a month ago, hanging next to an empty banana tray in the dining hall. Hanging on a little chain, a huge banana tree with nearly a hundred bananas gave a fresh look to everyone using the dining hall. Instead of getting bananas that the dining hall staffs already picked from the tray, students and faculties now have to pick the bananas by themselves from the tree.

The primary source of food for especially boarding students at King’s is the dining hall. It is critical for the dining hall staffs to provide students with various kinds of food and nutrients not only through the main meal but also through fruits and vegetables. There are always more than two different kinds of fruits in the boxes. Bananas were the most common fruits to find in the boxes, only until the banana tree appeared.

Students and faculties who use school dining hall seemed to have different opinions on the new banana-supplying-method. “I don’t know! I haven’t thought about it”, Ms. Janan said. However, it was not only Ms. Janan who didn’t really mind the presence of a banana tree in the dining hall. “I don’t really care”, said Maria Billeh ’20, and her friends all seemed to agree. Many students did not question anything about the tree before their opinions were asked. “But I like it”, Sally Kattab ’20 said. “It’s fun and unusual”. Although some people take daily banana picking as their new entertainment, some people are still having problem adjusting for the change. “I keep looking for bananas in the box, and I don’t remember they’re now on the tree!” Ms. Janan said.

It was not uncommon to see many students saying “putting banana trees are easier for the dining hall staffs” or “they’re just too lazy”. However, is it really the reason why the dining hall is putting up a banana tree?

“So many people eat bananas!”, One of the dining hall staffs spoke about the actual reason behind the banana tree. Even before the dining hall started hanging the banana tree, they got bananas in the tree form. They had to spend lots of time everyday, picking each banana up and putting them into boxes. However, this method was inefficient for both the dining hall staffs and the people who had to eat bruised bananas all the time. “I don’t understand why bananas were so bruised”, Nadine Akkawi ’19 said, complaining about the previous quality of bananas that could not satisfy her love for bananas.

Many students and faculties said that they are eating more bananas since the dining hall put up the banana tree. “People are eating more bananas, and it’s easier for us, too”, some of the dining hall staffs said. A new banana tree was put last Monday, but this time with a lowered chain, increasing people’s accessibility to bananas. “Khalas, just grab it and go!” As Sally Kattab ’20 says, banana picking is a new entertainment that the dining hall staffs brought into people’s busy lives.