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Is freshman year as easy as people say it is? Because from what I’ve seen it definitely is NOT.
Everyone has different high school experiences, so don’t feel bad if you feel like you’re having a hard time at first. Normally, the people who say freshman year is easy are people who already finished it. That doesn’t mean that they didn’t find it difficult, it just means that in comparison to whatever year they are currently in, freshman year was easier. It doesn’t mean that it’s an easy year, it just means that it’s easier in comparison. For example, you are probably only finding freshman year difficult because you are comparing it to what you have already experienced, which is middle school, but next year when you’re a sophomore and things get slightly more difficult you’ll realize that freshman year wasn’t as bad as you thought it was. The best thing to do is make sure not to compare your experience to anyone else’s experience. Also, know that people are here to help if you reach out.

I have lots of work to do. Study hall isn’t enough for me to finish my work, and I can’t focus after study hall, and I don’t have time to do my work before study hall. There is no time for me to do my homework, so what shall I do??? Help me!!!
The best thing to do in this situation is to prioritize. Is there anything you can ask for an extension for? Or anything that isn’t due for another few days? If not, try to set goals for yourself. For example: “I want to be finished with math homework by 8:30 so that I can start history homework.” This will help keep you motivated. Another thing that has really helped me over the years was figuring out if I focus better in the morning or at night. In my case, I focus better in the mornings so if i have a lot of work that I know I can’t finish during study hall, I go to sleep early and wake up to finish my work. This is really helpful because you work best when you’re rested. The best advice I can give you is to learn when you’re most productive.

We need to know what conditioner Mr. Ian uses and where he gets it from.
Although I think this is an entirely reasonable question, Mr. Ian did seem a little surprised when I asked him about it. So as it turns out, Mr. Ian isn’t entirely sure which conditioner he uses. He apparently just chose it because the turquoise bottle looked cool. After a few more questions, I came to the conclusion that he uses the herbal essences, argan oil of morocco conditioner. If you want hair like Mr. Ian’s , this conditioner is available at Family Basket, Carrefour, and most grocery stores.

Looking for an upperclassmen to take me to prom!!! I am pretty I swear.
Unfortunately I don’t know who you are, so maybe this was a wrong choice in platforms for your attempt at a prom date. I wish you the best of luck at getting a date to prom and I hope that if you do get asked by an upperclassman you come forward and let us know so that we can celebrate. In all seriousness though, prom will be more fun when you go with people in your class, so don’t rush it.

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