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Meet the New Mathematical and Computational Thinking Teachers

The Rexonian interviewed all the new math teachers to introduce them to our King’s community.

Mr. Chris Hague
I did a little theater in middle and high school but my career ended there. I still love to sing but really only pursue it when singing along to Taylor Swift, Usher, and T-Pain on the treadmill.

Mr. Doru Hutanu
I was teaching at a day school, and was looking at some boarding schools. I was very happy King’s is in the same time zone as my home country Romania, since I wanted to be closer to my family.

Mr. Jake Guth
My favorite subject other than Math would have to be English Literature. I think you can learn a lot from books, regardless of whether they are fiction or non-fiction.

Ms. Jessica Kaminsky
I am excited about working with students from a variety of backgrounds. I also love visiting Amman on the weekends and checking out new restaurants and coffee shops.

Ms. Lauren Howard
The last time I camped at Dana Nature Biosphere, I was invited to sit with a group of Jordanians and share in the dinner they’d prepared. It was a great microcosm of the culture here.

Mr. Obada AlSaqqa
I’ve always loved to teach. It’s my passion. My favorite subject besides math is physics! But I also love Arabic and calligraphy, which is why I am doing the Arabic Calligraphy minor.

Mr. Sanad Haddad
My goal is to introduce King’s students to new technologies, trends, and sciences that will benefit them for their entire lives, and to prepare them for a future of innovation and technology.

Ms. Yara Tadros
I was drawn to His Majesty’s vision for this school. What I find very interesting about this school is its unique teaching method and the deep connections formed with the students.