Author: Ahmed Khalayleh

Seeds of Peace, Seeds of Power

My knowledge of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict when I was young was very limited. In fact, I didn’t know there was conflict. Palestine was a word I constantly heard thrown around, but it seemed to have a certain gravity to it. I was always too afraid to ask.

“I Can’t… I Have Rehearsal!” JYMC Commits to Music

Friday, January 30th marked the beginning of King’s Academy’s third annual Jordan’s Youth Musician’s Conference (JYMC). This entailed two days full of intense practice, with rehearsals from morning to evening, and the convergence of musicians from both King’s and elsewhere in Jordan. JYMC began in the winter of 2013, back when the King’s Academy orchestra was a mere fraction of its current size. Since then, the orchestra has grown both in size and skill, tackling far more difficult and impressive pieces than before. This progress has also been made by the JYMC orchestra, which has grown in size and proficiency every year since its establishment.

Theatre Troupe Debuts Original Play

On the 10th and 11th of December, the auditorium opened its doors for the fall play, Have You Heard of King’s Academy?, written and performed by our very own King’s students, under the direction of Mr. Jimmy Morgan. The audience members must have left that night with sore abs and teary eyes, as it was a play that had you laughing at every other line. The play revolves around Maya, played by Maya Abdul-qader ’17, and her struggles in finding and achieving her dream: to study music and theatre. However, her father, played by Talib Kateeb ’15, expects to call her ‘Doctor Maya Abdul-qader’ one day, and thus demands that she keep strict attention to her studies, so that she may grow to be “just like her 18 brothers”—don’t worry, Maya, I know the feeling! As she settles into King’s, Maya begins to deviate from her father’s plans, primarily through her participation in open mic night. Despite her father’s displeasure, she gives an incredible performance, talented enough to bring him to his senses and allow …

Round Square Comes to Jordan

As King’s Academy students pack their bags for the Eid break, students around the world pack theirs in preparation for the 2014 Round Square International Conference. Starting October 7, two years of preparation will finally pay off as King’s Academy opens its gates to hundreds of students and teachers from over 50 schools all across the globe.