Author: The Rexonian

Top 5 Most-Legendary Video Games Franchises of All Time

Have you ever wondered what makes a video game series legendary? All it needs is a great storyline, spectacular and attention-grabbing gameplay, and an amazing world/universe that expands your imagination drastically. Quite a few video game series, in my opinion, have achieved this, with some even gaining bonuses on the way including great co-op and epic soundtracks. So without further ado, here is the list of the most legendary video gaming series of all time.

ShermIts Are Nihal’s New Top Dogs

Students here are diverse, interesting, and as the last couple of months have shown, brimming with ideas. From the recent KAMUN conference, to the Key Club and Round Square projects, the Mock Trial and Code co-curriculars, and the Feminist and Ecce Homo clubs, students have demonstrated leadership, organization, and initiative. One enterprise, however, that has escaped the public eye, and demands attention just like any extracurricular activity, is the small, student-led business that has made Nihal a more savory place after study hall: ShermIts™.