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36 Hours in Seville, Spain

The capital of Spain is Madrid; but the capital and largest city of Andalusia is Seville. Staying in Seville felt like living in the ancient Andalusia times, as the city was filled with antiquate buildings that were well preserved for a long time, with barely any signs of new architectural buildings. Read More

Sign Language Co-Curricular: King’s Academy Students Open Their Ears to the Deaf

When students entered the Co-Curricular Fair booth in the beginning of the year with huge excitement, they found out several new activities for this year, including Lacrosse, Gardening, Coding for Smart Phone Applications, Mixed Media Painting, Sculpture, CPR & First Aid, Entrepreneurship, and more.

Students were stopped at the very moment they were about to leave the tent, as their eyes were fixed on the panel of one particular co-curricular: “Sign Language.”

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King’s Goes ‘Nanas for Bananas


Cyan Brady ’18 picking a banana from the dining hall.

The banana tree appeared suddenly a month ago, hanging next to an empty banana tray in the dining hall. Hanging on a little chain, a huge banana tree with nearly a hundred bananas gave a fresh look to everyone using the dining hall. Instead of getting bananas that the dining hall staffs already picked from the tray, students and faculties now have to pick the bananas by themselves from the tree. Read More

King’s Surveillance System: Are You Being Watched?

Kaziyeh Camera

Supposedly deactivated camera outside of Kaziyeh
Yazan Aryan ’18

King’s Academy is often seen as a bubble in an odd part of Jordan. The campus is a strong location for diversity, open-mindedness, and learning. Madaba, and more specifically Jbeir, is a community of generally traditional people, many of limited education. The school is an outsider in its community, and so it must ensure the protection of students and faculty. There exists a surveillance system in King’s, aspects uncovered to students, stages unkown and repeatadely questioned.

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2018 Boys Varsity Basketball: How Long Can The Lions Roar?


The 2016 Varsity Basketball Team, after winning the AAC tournament.

Sprints, sprints, sprints. That was the theme of the boys varsity basketball team in 2015. Coach Daniel and Mark led the disgruntled team to a .500 record throughout the season, with 0 tournament placements and a lot of conditioning. Every missed layup meant a suicide. Every lost game meant a lap. Every mistake meant you run.

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NBA All-Star Selections; Did we get it right?

NBA All Star

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Earlier this week, the NBA All-Star reserves list were released for the East and West, just one week after the starters were announced on the NBA on TNT broadcast. The rosters are now complete, and they’re far from perfect. Under the new system, the captains, LeBron James and Stephen Curry, pick their teams from the pool of selected players, first from the 8 starters (Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis, Demarcus Cousins, James Harden, Giannis Antetekumpo, Kyrie Irving,  Demar Derozan, Joel Embiid), followed by the 14 reserves (Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Karl Anthony Town, Jimmy Butler, Lamarcus Aldridge, Russel Westbrook, Damian Lillard, John Wall, Bradley Beal, Kyle Lowry, Victor Oladipo, Kevin Love, Al Horford, Kristaps Porzingis).

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5 Tips to Consider When Traveling Alone

“Just go with the flow” is the quote that I had in my mind every time something didn’t go as expected during the 52 days I lived in the Iberian Peninsula. The summer before, I went on a trip to the United States to explore the world of universities, including New York, Washington DC and Boston with my 18-year old brother for 31 days. Based on that experience, I thought that I was independent and capable enough to travel alone. Traveling wasn’t just about going to popular tourism sights and eating cultural food, but rather was about feeling the unique atmosphere of each city and making friends with people that I’ve never met before. Read More