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Making Cement Breaks Backs: A Trip to Jordan’s Ajloun

A few months ago, I was fortunate enough to spend my weekend taking part in the Habitat For Humanity trip to Ajloun. It’s a volunteer program that collects volunteering students to build houses for the less-fortunate members of Jordan’s community. I’ll start off bluntly, and confess that I initially signed up for the Habitat trip to add to my college resume. Yet, I began to get this giddiness as the trip got closer. The Friday morning drive to Ajloun was a relaxing escape from the protective, and yet limiting walls of King’s Academy to the open and calming forests of Ajloun. Once we arrived at the house we’ll be staying the night in, I felt nostalgic, looking at the plain white walls that reminded me of my aunties’ houses. Despite how simple and “cheap” it looked, I only felt an odd warmth, the same warmth that surrounded my aunties’ homes, whenever I visited. Inside the house, the walls were a rough cement gray, with the strokes of the trowel used to spread the cement were so …

The Deadly Cough Syrup

  Drug reference has been present in music for years. Rappers in specific are known to make drug use and abuse mainstream and acceptable. Because of rappers, drugs have become a regular daily routine in the daily lives of artists and the people inspired by the music. The deadly cough syrup mixed with sprite is known for its street name“Sizzurp” Or “Lean” or “Drank” etc. Is a cough syrup that contains codeine and promethazine. The drug is sold under the pharmaceutical company Activist. The first time “lean” was mentioned in a rap music was back in 1998 where Dj screw dropped a single with the title of “Sippin Codeine” with the use of lyrics that say “I Sipp codeine it makes a southside playa lean, stackin green, steady stackin green, steady sippin codeine.”. Though “Sizzurp” was not made popular until about 2012 where the rapper Lil Wayne promoted his single “Me and my Drank” that contained l “I buy a bottled pop, drop some syrup in it”. It is clear how rappers give this drug …

Amman Design Week

Amman Design Week’s 2017 program consisted of “The Hangar Exhibition”, presenting the work of local artists, designers and photographers. More than just a series of colorful and pretty pieces, each project exhibited at ADW had its own message to portray on the overall theme of ‘movement’.