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King’s Goes ‘Nanas for Bananas

The banana tree appeared suddenly a month ago, hanging next to an empty banana tray in the dining hall. Hanging on a little chain, a huge banana tree with nearly a hundred bananas gave a fresh look to everyone using the dining hall. Instead of getting bananas that the dining hall staffs already picked from the tray, students and faculties now have to pick the bananas by themselves from the tree.

King’s Surveillance System: Are You Being Watched?

King’s Academy is often seen as a bubble in an odd part of Jordan. The campus is a strong location for diversity, open-mindedness, and learning. Madaba, and more specifically Jbeir, is a community of generally traditional people, many of limited education. The school is an outsider in its community, and so it must ensure the protection of students and faculty. There exists a surveillance system in King’s, aspects uncovered to students, stages unkown and repeatadely questioned.

Making Cement Breaks Backs: A Trip to Jordan’s Ajloun

A few months ago, I was fortunate enough to spend my weekend taking part in the Habitat For Humanity trip to Ajloun. It’s a volunteer program that collects volunteering students to build houses for the less-fortunate members of Jordan’s community. I’ll start off bluntly, and confess that I initially signed up for the Habitat trip to add to my college resume. Yet, I began to get this giddiness as the trip got closer. The Friday morning drive to Ajloun was a relaxing escape from the protective, and yet limiting walls of King’s Academy to the open and calming forests of Ajloun. Once we arrived at the house we’ll be staying the night in, I felt nostalgic, looking at the plain white walls that reminded me of my aunties’ houses. Despite how simple and “cheap” it looked, I only felt an odd warmth, the same warmth that surrounded my aunties’ homes, whenever I visited. Inside the house, the walls were a rough cement gray, with the strokes of the trowel used to spread the cement were so …

Are Earbuds a Distraction?

  Throughout the entire day, thin white cords can be seen in a death grip on a great number of phones, frequently unwrapped and placed in the ears of many to play music. A majority of students enjoy listening to music when there is a generous amount of time available; whether it’s while driving to or from school, walking to first period, during break, after classes end, or while doing homework. Among this crowd are an elite group of students who manage to cram music every free minute of the day and can be seen sporting the buds in their ears in-between classes, in classes if allowed, walking to school meeting or lunch. Nearly every time you see them, the dedicated listeners most likely have them in and are playing something already. Last year, there was a brief announcement made by Ms. Julianne and Dr. John referencing the growing appearance of earbuds in all aspects of campus life. Concerned about the regular use of earbuds during the school day, there was a talk about wanting …