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The old heritage of King’s Academy

The first thing that you see when you arrive at King’s is of course the wall. But, as you drive through towards the middle school, and once you park, you would walk through the olive trees. Giving a shade over you; acting as a protector from the heat of the sun. You will feel refreshed and alive when you look at its wrinkled and twisted trunk. A feeling of strength would pass through you, when you see it standing tall, even with holes in its trunk. Everyone knows what an olive tree is. Especially if you are living in the Middle East. But, what many might not know is its history. Olive trees spread from Iran, Syria and Palestine. Its cultivation can be found in many cultures; including Greek, and Egyptian. To give you a perspective of its age, olive trees were grown before the first written language even existed. Olive trees have a special value for some religions. It is used for baptism in Christianity, and prophet Mohammad considered olive trees to be blessed, …

How We Eat at King’s Academy

One of the first things every new student at King’s Academy notices is the peculiar lunch system. Students and teachers alike file into the Dining Hall and stand dutifully as the daily grace is offered in both Arabic and English. “For food, for friendship, for the blessings of the day we give our thanks.”

Student Favorites of Amman’s Dining Scene

For those visiting Amman for the first time, finding the perfect places to eat out can be a bit tiresome. While the city is packed with fabulous eateries, it takes a bit of ‘trial-and-error’ for a person to learn where to go. To make life easier, The Rexonian presents to you the top five restaurants in Amman, according to a student survey conducted this year.

Brothers Khalayleh Open Ice Cream Shop in Madaba

Earlier this year, Mr. Omer Khalayleh was looking for investment opportunities when one day he found a listing online, advertising a food retail space for lease in Madaba. After a deep conversation with Mr. Moamer, the brothers decided to contact the owner. The owner and the brothers were happy and satisfied with the negotiation, and by the end of the week a contract had been signed with the lawyer for the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George in Madaba, the owner of the building. On Sunday, September 1, a warm and sunny day, as Messrs. Omer and Moamer were beginning a new year at King’s Academy, their storefront, too, opened its doors to customers: the sign said Seven Brothers.