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Down by 10, Lions Roar Back to Topple Amman Academy

The boys’ Varsity Basketball team’s 70-68 victory over Amman Academy tonight, as some of the players describe it, was a “surprise,” and “unexpected.” The game was close, and the outcome remained uncertain until—literally—the last second. But there was one person who had a very good feeling the Lions were going to win. A certain Nihal senior, who requested anonymity, believed so strongly that the boys had it in them, perhaps more than Coaches Derek and Iyad, or even the players themselves, that he placed a whopping bet (of a three-figure sum, he later claimed) on the Lions to defeat the Amman Academy Knights and bring home the 2016 Amman Athletic Conference cup.

Brothers Khalayleh Open Ice Cream Shop in Madaba

Earlier this year, Mr. Omer Khalayleh was looking for investment opportunities when one day he found a listing online, advertising a food retail space for lease in Madaba. After a deep conversation with Mr. Moamer, the brothers decided to contact the owner. The owner and the brothers were happy and satisfied with the negotiation, and by the end of the week a contract had been signed with the lawyer for the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George in Madaba, the owner of the building. On Sunday, September 1, a warm and sunny day, as Messrs. Omer and Moamer were beginning a new year at King’s Academy, their storefront, too, opened its doors to customers: the sign said Seven Brothers.