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Teachers Strike in Jordan

On 6 October 2019, the Jordanian government agreed to raise salaries of public school teachers from 35% to 60% beginning in 2020. After years of protest, Nasser Al Nawasrah, Deputy Head of the Jordanian Teachers Syndicate, announced the beginning of a mass teacher strike on the 8th of September 2019 and refused to call it off until the government guaranteed them higher salaries. Three days prior to the announcement, public school teachers from all over Jordan met at the capital, Amman, to demonstrate against their low salaries, which are approximately between 360 to 450 JDS a month. Public school teachers have been demanding a pay raise for years prior to the strike. In 2014, the government promised the syndicate, otherwise known as the Jordan Teacher’s Association (JTA) a 50% pay raise, but did not implement the policy, Teachers were also unsatisfied with previous compromises suggested by the government, such as Education Minister Walid Maani’s offer of a 50% raise with the condition of cutting benefits. The strike continued for a month; it involved the participation …

Jordan Is No Place For Terrorists

On Tuesday, March 1st specialized security forces raided a residential building in Irbid’s northern neighborhood near the downtown area to arrest a group of armed persons belonging to the terrorist group ISIL. Captain Rashed Hussein Zyoud fell martyr to this attack and a few citizens sustained minimal injuries. It might seem that there weren’t many causalities, but the trauma that the inhabitants of Irbid endured was greater than any physical injury.

The Power of Language Immersion

Here at King’s Academy, global citizenship is highly regarded and revered. Language is an integral portion of being a global citizen. Graduation requirements at King’s include both Arabic and a (for some, second or even third) foreign language such as Spanish, French, or Chinese. Last summer I spent one month living and working in a chalet in Gruyeres where I experienced authentic Swiss culture and received an exceptional education in French. I stayed with a Swiss family that housed tourists in their quaint and cozy B&B, on top of keeping over 40 cows to produce mainly Gruyere cheese. The family spoke limited English, which helped improve my French language skills and my knowledge of Swiss culture.

Boko Haram Wreaks Havoc in West Africa

Boko Haram was established by radical Salafist Muslim, Mohammed Yusuf, who believed that following Western customs, both legal and societal, was against the teachings of Islam. He sought the liberation of Nigeria and the establishment of “The Islamic State of Nigeria.” To deliver his message, Mr. Yusuf started a school and a mosque that would communicate his religious complex to the public and help recruit “jihadis” for his movement. Slowly, the group began to grow.

A New Mindset for the People of Jordan

Anyone who has been on the internet in the past week has seen them: the countless posts on the death of Lt. Mu’ath Kassasbeh. Some people write long posts detailing their sadness and anger; some change their profile pictures to the picture of the smiling martyr; Others still simply share the hashtag  #كلنا_معاذ (we are all Mu’ath). All of the posts seem to portray the same theme – the nation of Jordan is mourning the tragic death of a hero, a death that has united the country against ISIL and garnered heartwarming support from the international community. Amidst the chaos and anger that plagues Jordan, it is important for each person to reflect on their personal feelings towards the death of Lt. Kassasbeh, to take the time to mourn independently, and to ask themselves if the social media posts and signs of solidarity are representative of personal responses to the tragedy, or merely the result of pressure to conform to society’s expectations regarding mourning.

Who Are ISIL?

The rise of the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has prompted worldwide outrage, specifically in relation to the use of the word ‘Islam’ in the terrorist organization’s name. “ISIL” is known around the world for its brutality-beheading westerners, killing religious minorities, and enslaving women. Their aim is to ultimately create an Islamic State throughout the region that would operate under strict Sharia law. The Islamist militant group now controls large amounts of land stretching from northern Syria to central Iraq.

The Ebola Outrage: Confronting A Worldwide Crisis

More than six months ago, a two-year-old known as patient zero died of Ebola in Guinea. Since then, Ebola rapidly ballooned from an isolated case to an international epidemic, splashing across borders into Sierra Leone, Nigeria, and Liberia. Ebola cases have appeared in Senegal, United States, and Spain as well.