The 9ers

About Our Show:

The 9ers podcast talks the latest conspiracy theories that will boggle your mind.



The hosts:

My name is Mohammed Hamshari, I was born on a UFO, and spent 100 years of life trapped in a secret military base that studies the supernatural and the undisclosed. I started this podcast to make money, and act as a normal human being, but now I think that my covers blown and the military are going to come after me. (I was only qualified enough to work the kitchen)

My name is Jafar Mired, I was born in the oval office, and my parents’ whereabouts remain unknown. I joined this podcast to discuss matters that I can relate to and not for the money. Now, i think my parents are going to start looking for me and I’m starting to wonder if I’m really in the mood to see them. (My dad is certainly Bill Clinton but with respect to my biological mother- her identity is undetermined…)